Building Lifestyle

11 February 2019

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New year, new project

Exciting new project in the pipeline for Custombuilt Builders. We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you...stay tuned!   The old girl has been demolished and design is now in with council. Some very exciting plans for this build!    ...

28 November 2018

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The end is near

The lights are on, the kitchen is in and the floors are going down! It's been a busy few weeks with all trades on deck to get us to the finish line. Our clients are getting very excited- not a bad Christmas present if you ask me.        ...

24 October 2018

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Time for some paint!

The exterior has been painted and she is looking beautiful! Thanks to Spruce It Up Painting for doing a quality job.  ...

22 September 2018

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The roof is on & progress is coming along nicely

The roof is on and we are excited to get a start on the inside. Our clients have great taste & we can't wait to show you what's to come!       ...

13 August 2018

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Time to close her in!

Tamborine coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing our Dapco roof go on!       ...